NextGen Group was founded a decade ago to work with Retailers and Suppliers in new ways to deliver excellent experiences for shoppers and consumers. Specialising in capability development and business development planning, the team works with a wide range of Australian Retailers, Suppliers and Industry Groups. The team is best known in Grocery, Beverage and Foodservice circles, but increasing are being tasked with assisting companies from a very diverse range of industries well beyond FMCG.



FGCC 2020

The code revision are due to go live in 2020 and there are several material changes!

Does your team understand the implications and/or could they benefit from a refresher?

Online Facilitation, Elearning or Classroom options are available.

Clarity 4D

Personality Profiling 

We are pleased to announce that NextGen has been appointed the Clarity 4D International Business Partner for Oceania.  


We will be helping to accelerate the growth of their suite of personality profiling tools for individuals and teams across the region


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