We have developed a suite of standardized tools to streamline the development of your Shopper Marketing or Category Strategy.


The Optimiser Suite of products is unique to NGG and comprises a set of tools that enable a fast diagnostic and business transformation. These products are utilised by NGG and Partner businesses to deliver on your needs.



"It's all about the store and your customers!"


  • Prices are being forced down, promotions ever more aggressive...

  • Customers are working it out - shop around - pretty likely to find your favourite brand on deal somewhere!

  • Tidy stores, with well stocked shelves is no longer secret recipe that will differentiate you from the pack... 




"It's all about the category in a specific retailer!"


  • Category managemnt, category marketing and every derivation there of, has been thoroughly explored in the Australian market place

  • The principles sound - but the retailer's aren't buying it! 

  • We operate in a highly consolidated retail environment - we need to perform with every retailer!

  • We need to approach the challenge of category and brand growth differently...   




"It's all about your brand and the shopper's who buy it!"


  • "The gondola end we ran this year didn't give us as big a kick as last year..."

  • "We are on promotion more than we are off promotion now..."

  • "We are often on promotion at the same time as our competitors..."

  • "Our baseline sales are slowly declining - nothing seems to turn it around..."

  • "The cost of promotions has increased in the past year..."


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