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Category Marketing

Where do you start? Building internal Category Marketing capability can be really challenging if you don’t already have a well embedded Category Marketing capability.


It’s a wide area of practice spanning traditional Trade Marketing through to Shopper Marketing and involves a number of differing skill sets.


Our offer is structured around three foundation programs:


  • Category Management Principles 

  • Advanced Category Marketing 

  • Shopper Marketing Principles 


We recommend that the implementation of skill based programs be supplemented with an active project stream. This delivers a direct return for the training investment and helps to embed the new skills.


Typically we work with you to select a category challenge and work alongside the category team to create solutions. Along the way transferring skills through workshops, small training interventions and coaching. This is not a skill set that can be "trained" through theory alone. It's more like learning to drive. You need some theory but you gain skill through practise. 

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