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Our Business

The retailing industry in Austalia is in rapid change. The old rules are broken, the competitive enviroment more complex, with completely new forms of competition emerging. NGG was founded to work with Retailers and Suppliers in new ways to deliver excellent experiences for shoppers and consumers.

We think it can be done more simply:


  • Building brands WITH the retailer - creating the 'win win' through focusing on consumers and shoppers

  • Integrate insight, strategy and activation - vertical integration delivering quicker, cheaper JOINED UP solutions that stick

  • Capability solutions that WORK for the new generation of customers & suppliers 

  • Deliver solutions that are not over-engineered - SIMPLICITY rules...

  • Work as PARTNERS not just providers - it's all about the people! 

We will bring new products, new methods of delivery and a flexible approach. We hear you and know that the old ways of lots of workshops and hours of presentations are a thing of the past.

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