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Advanced Negotiation

So what makes Advanced Negotiation different from the CORE program? In a few words, it's all about you! 

  • How you plan 

  • How you behave

  • How you execute


Those professionals who conduct negotiations which encompass more than a few variables are the focus of our Advanced program. 


The course itself is extremely interactive with the majority of time dedicated to dynamic negotiating scenarios. We typically work with clients to design specific case studies that match the types of trading conditions experienced by the attendees. 



We use our Negotiation GPS to frame discussions and in planning. We provide a set of attributes and behaviours for excellent negotiators and throughout the course gather examples of each behaviour/attribute observed for each attendee (i.e. personal feedback).  

The program is high intensity, but without artificial pressures. We will use video and photographic feedback in a supporting way to aid in the learning process, we will never deliberately embarrass attendees. 


Essential to the program is attendees having a personal psychometric profile, we're DISC accredited and can manage and produce profiles on your behalf or more than happy to use whatever tool your business uses as standard. 

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