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We are proud to be the AFGCs selected trainer of choice to roll out industry wide training for the new  Food and Grocery Code of Conduct. More than 1000 Australian Grocery Professionals have completed the program with many going to complete the certification program. 


To see more either click on this link and see our page or link through to the AFGC website for bookings or more information. 

The Category Managment School approach has proved popular with large and small retailers alike. Build real plans along the way is one of the most valued elements. Not only learn along the way, but get your "day job" done in session! 

Customer Business Planning

Just like the Retail School, the NGG approach to Customer Business Planning is finding traction across many different types of clients with diverse business needs. One process, one framework, one language, but deployed across Traditional Route, Grocery, Pharmacy, Foodservice, B2B channels! Great tools, refined and embedded throughout the delivery process. 

Using our CORE Methodology we have developed a plug and play model for rolling out Sales Academy. This methodology ensures fast traction and strong internal ownership. 

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