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Australian Competition & Consumer Law

ACCL Training

For the past 3 years the AFGC and NextGen have been training hundreds of suppliers in the application of the Food & Grocery Code of Conduct in their dealings with retailers.  A question that came up frequently was ‘how does this interact with Competition and Consumer Law (the old trade practices)?

We have jointly developed a program tailored for the FMCG Industry that covers key aspects of the law in an engaging and relevant way.

We cover all aspects of the law including:

  • Price fixing

  • Exclusive dealing (full and third line forcing)

  • Resale price maintenance

  • Misuse of market power

  • Promotional pricing

  • Misleading & deceptive conduct

  • Refusal to supply

  • Unconscionable conduct

  • Product recalls

  • Consequences – personal and corporate



Run in your premises over 3 - 4 hours. The benefits of running in house is that you can include within the training the processes you want to adopt for managing internal issues and discuss in a confidential way any questions on behaviour you wish to clarify.

In House

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CORE Sales Program

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Open programs will be run in Sydney and Melbourne on a regular basis. These are ideal for smaller companies or the occasional "on holidays" or "new" team member who miss an In House and need to come up to speed with the ACCL. 

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If your short of time and need to fit the course in with other activities, do the program at your pace thropugh our online learning portal. Video rich and lots of case study examples make this an excellent alternative to class based training.

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