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Sales Academy

Build your own Sales Academy using our CORE and Advanced modules. We will help you design and structure not only the training, but all the change elements required to make and ensure your investment sticks!


Our CORE Sales Programs are the foundation for delivering positive change with your Customer team.


We listen to your requirements and tailor the modules to include your market conditions, your issues, processes and case studies to create a program that "looks & feels" like your business. Each program is designed to stretch the delegates and to engage them. 


Our trainers are all experienced business people who have "carried the bag" and deliver with creidiblity. 


The Advanced Programs are for more experienced practitioners and include both "step up" and "specialisation" courses. All Advanced Programs include comprehensive tools and are extremely hands on


Advanced Programs Include:



The CORE Selling module is designed for Sales Professionals who have an ongoing business relationship with their customers.

This is not tactical selling, it’s designed to help build trust and create a solid foundation for creating joint value.

CORE Selling

The Basics
  • Finding COMMERCIAL Oppurtunities

  • Questioning and LISTENING

  • Understanding REAL Needs

  • Setting MEANINGFUL Objectives

  • Confidently Using RELEVANT Features & Benefits

The Added Value
  • Building & Delivering Compelling Presentations 

  • Overcoming Indifference 

  • Handling Objections 

CORE Negotiation

Why are you preparing for conflict? How will you focus on the outcome rather than becoming competitive?  Negotiating, is a fundamental requirement for the Sales Professional. Understanding your personal impact, those of the the other parties and then preparing a plan is the heart of this program.

The Basics
The Added Value
  • Undestanding the process

  • Individual styles and values

  • Valuing the deal

  • Confidently trading variables

  • Managing yourself

  • Managing Tactics

  • Building a deal, patience

  • Working in a team

CORE Sales Program

Professional Sales Call

A simple structured approach to a Sales Call generates more revenue and customer satisfaction. The approach ensures that all opportunities are captured and managed and that the Seller prioritises in a way that delivers their objectives and delivers on the customer’s expectations.

The Basics
  • ​Effective pre call planning

  • Efficient call process 

  • Capturing opportunities

  • Prioritising and preparing the sell

  • Using the tools

The Added Value
  • Overcoming your store blindness

  • Generating opportunities outside the box

  • Delivering for now and bagging for later

Other programs in the series which are regularly adapted for clients
  • Territory Planning and Management
  • Professional Sales Coaching
  • Customer Service - Retail
  • Customer Service - Telemarketing 

We would be happy to share sample content and typical agenda's with you, just contact us.

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