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Introducing Navigator, the advanced negotiation program, empowering suppliers to achieve greater success when dealing with grocery retailers.

Negotiating with major retailers is high stakes. There is relentless pressure on suppliers to lower prices and increase investments. Australian F&B suppliers continue to experience real challenges in consistently delivering profits and operating margins. 

The NAVIGATOR difference

Navigator is a unique negotiation program designed to empower Australian suppliers with negotiation skills for successful dealings with grocery retailers.

The program offers targeted guidance with new tools and tactics to reach profitable outcomes from complex negotiations.

It’s tailored to the specific needs of Australian suppliers equipping them to navigate unique challenges and level the playing field between suppliers and retailers, ultimately achieving their commercial goals.

The Framework

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It all starts with the Negotiation Context. Once you establish the environment and dynamics in which you are negotiating, and have defined your objectives, you can select the right negotiation approach.


Understanding and building your power position enables you to select the right negotiation tools for the job. One size does not fit all! The Engagement Framework and Personal Performance modules ensure you are truly match fit to optimise the negotiation. 

Resilience and Tactics are critical in major negotiations that inevitably take weeks or sometimes months.


The Experience

  • Developed by Australian grocery experts specifically this market.

  • ALL role plays are based on real 2023 grocery case studies.

  • EVERY negotiation is with an ex-buyer – as lifelike as it gets.

  • We explore the psychology of the negotiation with the guest speakers from retail and an ex-police hostage negotiator.

  • The program combines self paced learning and an intensive 3 day residential. This is supplemented with 13 weeks post support and a 6 month review.

  • 8 participants and 2 trainers – intensive 1:1 support including video feedback from role plays and individual development plans.


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Complete Immersion

A fully integrated program with ongoing embedding support is standard.

An enhanced program that extends beyond the six month review can be tailored to your businesses specific needs.



The Navigator program has been developed and delivered by the  team at NextGen Group.
In the past 5 years, our team has guided more than 150 companies through critical negotiations involving price increase, promotional plans, range reviews and trading terms.
Together  we have achieved strong results delivering over $2.5bn in cost recovery and value. 
With an intimate understanding of the retailer dynamics, tactics and leverageable blind spots our team brings a unique perspective to the table.

It's time for a new approach to the negotiation in the Australian market.


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