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The BeerGame - Collaborative Planning

April 2016

"The BeerGame" a compelling learning experience!

Great product availability relies on a great supply chain, great planning, real collaboration and quality forecasting. NGG in conjunction with the University of Muenster announce the launch of a new one day business game and learning experience for anyone involved in a supply chain.


Our off the shelf module demonstrates the standard Sales and Operations Planning methodology utilised by the great majority of FMCG companies. We can quickly tailor the module to include your terminology and business meeting processes which will make the experience even more compelling


The multi-round computer business simulation is intuitive and highly realistic. We have the flexibility to vary the length of the supply chain and to create the relevant level of forecasting complexity to match your normal demand cycles.


Whilst traditionally known as the BeerGame, we have “skins” that quickly enable this to become the “Juice”  or “Milk” Game.


Delegate feedback is consistently highly positive for the style and content of the program.  “A fun way to reinforce the learning messages!”

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