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A first! A full business retail simulation relevant for the Australasian market place. Created by ieRetail one of the regions foremost experts in retailer development, NextGen is proud to be licensed delivery partner.

Engage in an educational, real life environment, learn the essentials of how to run a retail store.

Understand and explore the metrics that determine retail success in the key dimensions of financial, customer, operations and market.

Deal with the vagaries and obstacles of a real and dynamic market place.



How Does It Work?

The delegates participate in 10 Rounds of Retail battles, each representing a Financial Period.

These rounds are designed to test, stress and pit them against each other where there can only be 1 winner.

The winning team will run a store that grows and delivers the best customer experience. Also critical are: profit, cash and store management in a competitive environment.

Custom Delivery

Channel versions are available with ShopX® for Hardware a great example or if you want a half day session to liven up a conference try ShopX lite, a short form version of the game with less rounds


10 Rounds Over Two Huge Days and One Manic Night
  1. STRATEGY  “What should my store deliver, what metrics shall we chase and what will we be famous for?”

  2. LAYOUTS  “What flow and layouts shall we adopt?”

  3. RANGE  “What does the perfect Range Architecture look like?”

  4. PRICING  “How do we price our products, is there a price architecture we could follow and what role should House Brand play alongside National Brands?”

  5. PROMOTION  “How do we take our value offer to market, and what strategies do we plan to follow?”

  6. MARKET  “How do we respond to unanticipated market changes?”

  7. INVENTORY  “How much inventory should we carry and what are the implications on cash and interest? How should we assess buy-up opportunities?”

  8. SUPPLIERS  “How best do I manage my supplier community?”

  9. EXECUTION  “What strategies do I use to execute my plans at the Point of Purchase?”

  10. REVIEW  “With the benefit of hindsight, would I do anything differently?”

Who Should Attend?
  • Retailers – Store Owners, Trainee Owners and anyone who wants to own, manage or be part of a retail environment

  • Retail Managers – All senior and experienced store and department managers as part of their development

  • Suppliers – Account managers, KAM’s, NAMS , Marketers and support staff – anyone who interacts or supplies to the retail environment

  • As a testing introduction for newcomers to the world of retail

  • As an accurate predictor for the hiring of new talent, ShopX is the complete Assessment Centre

Basic Game Mechanics
  • Four Teams are briefed on their stores and then take part to win the hearts and minds, and therefore wallet spend, of the citizens of the Lone Hill Valley. 

  • Lone Hill Valley is loosely modelled on a real district, with real shopper, market and competitor data as well as real Statistical data.

  • Each round they receive a full P&L as a measure on the performance of their business. 

Game Plan

The program is residential and ideally suited to groups of 12 or 16.


Content is structured around the grocery Ice Cream category, but can be re skinned and modelled to other retail channels; Hardware, Liquor, Pharmacy etc.


The only prerequisite is that delegates have a basic understanding of retail concepts and at least one in each team has basic spreadsheet skills.  

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