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Over the past 3 years NextGen has worked with the AFGC to roll out Industry Training to nearly 3000 individuals. In addition we have worked with scores of Suppliers to help them craft their GSA, update their terms or simply provide some simple advice.

We have developed this package of products and services to help suppliers on an on going basis, to ensure they optimise their outcomes in working with retailers under the code.


After wide consultation with key industry players, we have developed two levels of support to which a business can subscribe to:

How it works
Video Tour of the Portal

Standard subscription:

  • Access to the Code Portal which contains information on specific issues – categorised by key issues such as range reviews, deletions, claims, promotions etc.

  • A toolkit of responses and templates for commonly occurring challenges

  • An Email newsletter exploring topical Code issues

  • Telephone & email hotline for Code queries – NextGen consultants providing Code insights and advice*

  • Cost: $3100 pa including gst. (up to 5 active user accounts, additional accounts are available at $300 pa)

Premium subscription additional services:

  • Confidential reviews of documents* on which you require a Code perspective and suggested responses (not a legal service) 

  • Access to the on-line FGCC training program (AFGC accredited) for your business, up to 5 users free (discounts on the regular price apply for additional licences)

  • Cost: $5500pa including gst. 

How to sign up, click the link below to contact us for more information. OR simply sign up online through our shop using Paypal (accepts Credit Cards) and we will send you a tax invoice via email

Important Conditions

Competition caveat

The Code Portal is intended as a source of Grocery Code of Conduct information for Australian grocery manufacturers.  It is not advocating the sharing of confidential information or encouraging supplier collaboration. 


The information communicated via the portal will be topical market and newsworthy public domain information.

Legal Advice

NextGen is not purporting to, or in any way providing legal services. We will provide commercial consultancy advice based on our understanding of and experience with the Code.

Member Clients

Please note we reserve the right to select clients and this service is intended only for suppliers of products to Australian retailers as defined under the Code.

* ‘Fair go’ policy applies